Site Use Policy

Before your stay at Cane Ridge West Conference & Retreat Center, you will be required to sign a Site Use Policy. These rules apply to all that stay at Cane Ridge West.

Cane Ridge West Conference and Retreat Center (“CRW”), in keeping with its overall mission, expects all persons who utilize the facilities to do so in a safe and lawful manner. Any group of individuals using CRW (“Group”) and the person responsible for them (the “Group Leader”) must abide by these policies.

  1. The caretaker is responsible for seeing that all groups are checked in, understand the rules and regulations, and are given information regarding emergency procedures.
  2. An on-site inspection of the facilities will be conducted before and after scheduled events and the Group will be held responsible for restitution of any damages occurring during their stay.
  3. Groups are required to keep the grounds and buildings clean and to leave them clean.
  4. Smoking/vaping is allowed outside only, and only during fire safe periods. Smokers must maintain a distance of at least thirty (30) feet from any entrance or window of a structure, and must immediately and wholly dispose of cigarette butts or other smoking waste in a proper receptacle.
  5. Dangerous drugs, as defined in Mont. Code Ann. § 50-32-101, are not permitted on the grounds or in the buildings.
  6. Firearms and Fireworks on CRW INC property are prohibited.
  7. Pets must remain outside on a leash, and their litter removed.
  8. Campfires may only be burned in designated fire pits and only during fire safe periods.
  9. All wood chopping is to be done outside and the wood cart is to be replenished when necessary.
  10. Parking is not permitted directly behind the lodge and Fellowship House, by the fire pit area, next to the shelter house or in the dump station area. Park in designated areas only.
  11. Non-CRW motor vehicles are allowed on roadways only.
  12. Children and youth must be supervised at all times.
  13. All facility users must:

a. Keep food and drink in downstairs of lodge only.
b. Keep all items away from baseboard heaters.
c. Turn heat off before opening doors/windows.
d. Keep shower house doors closed at all times.
e. Keep shower house warm during cold weather.
f. Keep shower curtains inside stalls.
g. Turn on fireplace fan and open flue before lighting fire.
h. Keep fireplace doors closed when not attended.

14. CRW’s policy regarding alcohol use and consumption is as follows:

a. CRW will not provide or serve alcohol.

b. Groups renting CRW may bring alcohol in bottles or cans onto the grounds provided they have paid a $250 alcohol surcharge. $50 of that surcharge is a non-refundable fee. $200 of that surcharge will be refunded if there are no violations of this policy or any applicable regulation or law and if there is no damage to any portion of the property.

c. No kegs are allowed on the property. Alcohol may be served but not sold on the property. No person may consume alcohol to the point of intoxication on CRW property. No person may operate a motor vehicle on, or after leaving CRW while affected by alcohol. The Group Leader is responsible for enforcing these rules.

d. CRW staff may, at any time, direct the Group Leader to terminate the use of alcohol by any person or group of people.

e. The Group Leader is responsible to see that all serving containers and other garbage or refuse are disposed of immediately and appropriately. Groups are encouraged to recycle.

f. The rental group must hire a bartender (a “Certified Bartender”) to serve all alcohol consumed on the property certified with either:

i. Certification and good standing as an alcohol server based on the standards set forth by the Montana Department of Revenue, or
ii. An equivalent level of training and capability, as specifically approved in writing by CRW staff.
This provision does not apply to Groups that will have fewer than 75 people attending events at CRW. CRW may request documentation, to be provided prior to the Group’s event, of the Certified Bartender’s credentials.

g. Any violation of CRW’s policies regarding alcohol use and consumption may result in forfeiture of some or all of a Group’s rental and/or alcohol deposit(s).

15. Groups must check out with the Caretaker at the end of their stay. At that time, the Caretaker will make sure that the property has not sustained any damage before informing the office that the alcohol fee may be refunded.

16. The Group Leader of any group not sponsored by CRW agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CRW INC and its staff, from any and all damages, claims, liability, legal expense, or claims or costs of any kind or description arising from or out of the Group’s activities at Cane Ridge West Conference and Retreat Center.

17. The Group Leader of any group not sponsored by CRW INC agrees to provide general liability insurance, naming CRW INC as a named insured, with coverage limits of no less than $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 in the aggregate. This provision does not apply to Groups that will have fewer than (75) people attending events at CRW. CRW may request documentation, to be provided prior to the Group’s event, proving the existence of this insurance coverage.

Printable version:  2022-Combined-Site-Use-Policy