What to bring…and other facts

IMG_1772As you prepare to go to Cane Ridge West Conference & Retreat Center, please note that you will need to bring all necessary supplies including food, bedding, first aid and personal items.  Paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels will be provided. A pre-paid long distance card is necessary to make long distance calls.  Many cell phones do not receive adequate signal at the camp.

Cleaning of the facility and any breakage or property damage are the responsibilities of the renter.  (In the event that you arrange for our caretaker to do the cleaning, you must return all furniture to its original place, wash and put away dishes and pans, and bag all garbage and take it to the dumpster.)

Cane Ridge West now has WiFi available.

Pets are not allowed inside the buildings at Cane Ridge West. Pets must remain outside on a leash and their litter removed. Discovery of pets in the buildings will forfeit deposit.

Alcohol is allowed at Cane Ridge West in accordance with the CRW Policies that will be provided to you. Please call for more information if your group wishes to serve alcohol.

All deposits must be made prior to your stay at Cane Ridge West.